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Heated Clothing - Heated Jackets - Heated Vest - Heated Hoodie - Heated Sweater - Heated Gear - Winter Outdoor heated apparel - heated gloves - heated underwear - heated pants - heated shirts
Plus Heat® picks only the best heated clothing, heated jackets and heated outdoor gear that uses the latest wearable heating technology. Venture Heat's light-weight, packable, down heated jacket is one of the lightest, most comfortable heated jackets made for any season and any temperature. Shop our Heated Gear Now! Your active lifestyle won't be put on hold when the mercury drops below freezing this winter season. In fact, your adventure is about to get even more exciting, because with Plus Heat®'s heated clothing and heated clothing gear, you can keep your adventure going, regardless of the freezing winter cold.

With an assortment of battery on-demand heated jackets and heated apparel including heated gloves, heated hoodies, heated base layer shirts and heated pants, heated jacket liners, heated hats, winter sports jackets and a variety of heated gear you'll be able to stay warm in any weather. Perfect for a long hike in the snow or for watching an outdoor cold weather sporting event, like football in Minnesota or Greenbay during late November.