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Ice Chill Body Zipper Cooling Vest

Polar Product Kool Max Body Cooling Zipper Vest

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Ice Chill Body Zipper Cooling Vest

Chill, we have the solution to provide users the best cooling comfort when the workplace heats up. Get the Ice Chill Body Zipper Cooling Vest and experience up to 4 hours of essential cooling relief.

Each cooling vest is kept cool by the Kool Max cooling packs. Each cooling pack is placed in an all-cotton insulated fabric pocket to protect the skin from irritation. The insulated outer composite fabric directs the cold towards to the body for an enhanced cooling relief.

Manage the fit of the cooling vest with the adjustable hook and loop closures designed to conform to the user’s body. With a maximum weight of 4.5 lbs., this lightweight cooling vest allows users to stay mobile without excessive weight. The cooling vest’s discreet fit allows it worn over or under regular clothing.

No one should should suffer from heat exhaustion again. Prevent heat stress while on the job with the Ice Chill Body Zipper Cooling Vest.


  1. Store the cooling packs in a freezer

  2. Keep it stored until frozen

  3. Enjoy up to 3 hours of cooling comfort while on-the-go

Size Chest and Waist Circumference
Vest Length
Weight Range
Number of Packs
XS (Child)
31" to 39"
16.5" to 18"
~ 50 to 95 lbs.
S/M 32" to 46"
20" to 21.5"
~ 85 to 130 lbs.
35" to 49"
21.5" to 23"
~ 125 to 175 lbs.
37" to 51"
24.5" to 25"
~ 175 to 310 lbs.
38" to 63"
25.5" to 27"
~ 275 to 360 lbs.
Extension Strap Kit
Adds up to 20"
Adds up to 5"
up to 400 lbs.

  • Ten (10) 4.5" x 6" Kool Max Packs
  • Provide constant cooling for up to 3-4 hours. (Please note: cooling times are estimates and will vary depending on climate, body metabolism and activity.)
  • One (1) 100% cotton cooling vest
  • Simple and unisex design.
  • Size is adjustable with hook and loop closures at the chest, waist, and shoulders for a snug, comfortable and customized fit.
  • Packs fit into insulated pockets inside the vest. The pockets have a comfortable all-cotton fabric to protect the skin and an insulated outer composite fabric to direct the cooling energy toward the body.
  • Discreet: can be worn over or beneath clothing.

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