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Plush Triple Rib Warming Blanket with Tri-Core Pillow

Plush Triple Rib Warming Blanket with Tri-Core Pillow

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Finally, a heated blanket that's soft to the touch and lets you control your comfort level. Most heated blankets have thick, bulky cords and generate hot spots instead of a even layer of warmth. No more.

The Soft Heat Plush Triple Rib Blanket features microwire technology making it lightweight with evenly distributed heat. Operating at low voltage, the blanket can be used without running up huge electric bills.

Industry's #1 Fiber Support Pillow

The Tri-Core pillows are recommended by most chiropractors, pain specialist, and physical therapists. The pillows can help prevent orthopedic diseases related to the neck and spine. It also help correct nerve malfunction and promotes healing of injuries.

Soft Heat Plush Triple Rib Warming Blanket
  • Light weight, flexible and machine washable

  • Pre-heating function allows you to climb into a completely warm bed

  • Smart timer shuts off blanket after 10 hours so you can continue sleeping

  • Choice of different colors: beige, natural, garnet red, Sage Green

  • Available in five different sizes including a throw, twin, full, queen and king

  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty

  • Full: 84" x 80"
  • Queen: 90" x 84"

Tri-Core Pillow

  • Designed to correct and maintain cervical alignment.
  • Tri-Core pillows are beneficial to those who sleep on their side as well as for back sleepers.
  • Tri-Core pillows unique trapezoid center cradles the head and supports the neck to help align the neck and the head in their proper positions.
  • Two different sized lobes provide better fit for different sized sleepers.
    • Bottom: Smaller Neck Support
    • Top: Larger Neck Support
  • Side Lobes are taller than the trapezoid center, to accommodate side sleeping.
  • High resiliency fiber springs back when compressed. Blended cotton cover is breathable and soft. Fiberfill provides softer support and lasts longer.
  • Tri-Core is a premium product with 240 thread count, deluxe material and a very high quality soft luxurious fiber
  • Tri-Core Pillow Measurements
    • Tri-Core - 24"x16"
    • Mid-Core - 22"x15"
    • Petite-Core - 19"x12"

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