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Soft Ice Cooling Pillowcase

Soft Ice Cooling Pillowcase

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Soft Ice Cooling Pillowcase

The Soft Ice Cooling Pillowcase is the perfect way to make your pillow feel like it's just out of the freezer. It uses Polar Products' Kool Max cooling packs to provide hours of comfort - just put the packs in the freezer until they're frozen, and you're ready for a good night's sleep without having to turn on the air conditioning. It's the best way to get some rest on a hot summer night. Featured in... Curves Magazine "Diane" Fall 2007 special section on 'Your Hormone Survival Guide' "Speaking of hot flashes, some women swear by keeping an ice pack bedside to cool middle-of-the-night flare-ups. One company [Polar Products] has even developed a pillowcase with a soft cool pack tucked inside. Pretty ingenious, eh?" How does it work? Frozen water-based cold therapy packs fit into insulated pockets in vests and accessories. Non-toxic and chemical-free Soft Ice cold therapy packs are made of biodegradable materials. Packs are reusable and with proper care they can last for years Naturally absorbs heat and then dissipates this heat back into the air, producing a comfortable cooling effect. For additional cooling, place the packs in the freezer until they are frozen. Highly flexible and comfortable right out of the freezer! Pack is Commonly used : To keep your neck cool Relive Headaches, Tension and Sinus Headaches Soothing of hot flashes Heat sensitivity due to multiple sclerosis Heat Intolerance (neurological or physical)

Soft Ice Cooling Pillowcase (#SIPC) features:
  • Two (2) 6" x 12" Soft Ice Packs
  • One (1) polyspun pack cover
    • Provides additional insulation or protection for pack in freezer
  • One (1) 100% cotton pillowcase
    • Built-in pack pocket can be positioned for maximum comfort
    • Size: Standard Queen Size or Standard King Size pillowcase
    • Color: White

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