VH-KB1270 VentureHeat Plug-In Heat Therapy Neck Wrap Relieve Neck Pain

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Venture Heat Plug-In Heat Therapy Neck Wrap

VentureHeat At- Home Neck Heat Therapy Wrap

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VentureHeat Plug-In Heat Therapy Neck Wrap

Tired of using the same old heating pad for your neck? Check out this heat therapy wrap.

If you use traditional heating pads for your neck pains you'll notice two things:

  1. It doesn't fit perfectly on your neck, you need to hold in place somehow

  2. Feels like it cooks your skin first, then gives your muscles heat second

With the Plug-In Heat Therapy Neck Wrap by VentureHeat, you get a form fitting wrap that delivers heat beneath your skin's surface for faster healing. How does this work?

The wrap emits safe infrared rays that pass through your skin and penetrates two to three inches into the sore muscles. Because of this, you can use the wrap at lower temperatures to avoid heating up your skin.

Here's what else you get:

  • Simple controller allows you to pick the heat level that you're comfortable using

  • Get the perfect fit by using the adjustable velcro strap

  • Smart timer turns the wrap off after 30 minutes to avoid overheating skin

There's no need to fuss with a heating pad that isn't made specifically for your neck. Get the Plug-In Heat Therapy Wrap for your sore neck today!
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