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Pro Ice Cold Therapy Products have been used to keep athletes in play since 1991.

Our Pitcher’s Kit was developed to help relieve the violent motions that come along with a pitcher’s movements and to help restore the shoulder and elbow. We quickly discovered that teams were using our cold therapy products to ice others as well. Pro Ice then developed an entire line of reusable cold packs that could offer immediate relief for the most taxed body parts. Pro Ice products have a variety of uses beyond the field of play as well.

Our focus on quality products has meant that athletes and non-athletes alike can get the right wrap for the job, at the exact moment the job needs doing. In the years since, Pro Ice has found applications in the work place, the home and in other sporting venues as well. Whether it’s helping a mixed martial arts athlete relieve the acute pain after a match or helping a factory worker prevent repetitive stress injuries after a day on the job, Pro Ice intends to bring relief to the millions of Americans who suffer any type of pain.

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